Emerald, radiant, pace indbygningsspot med godt lys fra loevschall


From cold to warm white

At Loevschall our focus has always been on creating the good light. But not all situations call for the same good light.

Light is about more than just what we can see. Light also has a huge effect on the human body and it influences how we function and how we feel. MultiWhite® is Loevschall’s answer to how you can maximize the light’s influence on you. With MultiWhite® you have the opportunity to adjust the light’s temperature to set exactly the mood you want.


For your well-being and a healthier life

An adjustable lighting temperature is important because it helps your inner rhythm to synchronize with the sun during the day. The sun’s light is constantly changing throughout the day. In the morning when the sun comes up, the lighting temperature is warmer than at the middle of the day, where the light is colder.

Cold light prevents the production of melatonin in your brain which is a natural hormone that makes you sleepy. Therefore, it is a good idea to make the light warmer in the evening and let the body experience a natural transition from day to night. MultiWhite® makes it possible to mimic the sun’s rythme and by doing so, you can choose the exact temperature that suits you.

ID-LED, 12 V



Johannesburg spejl med MultiWhite lys tændt fra Loevschall


Venice spejl med lys og multiwhite lys fra loevschall, tændt LED lys