From idea to product

At Loevschall A/S co-creation is a vital part of our business model. Our customers experience that they have special needs that they cannot meet with the market’s standard solutions. By having the opportunity to co-create, we give our customers the opportunity to create exactly the product, which suits their needs.
We are lifting your ideal product from idea to reality. We have the technical competencies that are necessary to develop exactly the product you need. By collaborating with us, you therefore have high flexibility and more opportunities to get a product that contains The Good Light from Loevschall, a high CRI-value and which also complies with your own specification and needs for design and sizes. Besides this, we have of course made sure, that your product has all the safety certificates.

When you have an idea and wishes to collaborate with us about changing it to a real product, we are managing a close process all the way from the initial contact to the product leaves our warehouse. We have our skilled developers in Randers and a 3D printer which makes it possible to produce prototypes of the product before it is sent to production in China.

We have collected an array of cases about how we have collaborated with customers to create unique solutions. Click here and read more. 

"We really appreciate having the possibility to discuss new ideas and consumer needs with Loevschall A/S and through co-creation create innovative products that redefine the market!"

David Boddy
Range manager, Nobia AB

At Loevschall A/S we have collected a broad selection of competencies under the same roof. This gives us the opportunity to embrace all our customers different needs and to ensure a result oriented process.