General sales and delivery terms

1. Application
These general terms and conditions apply to all contracts for sale and delivery of products and services to corporate customers.

2. Products and specifications
Products must comply with the specifications agreed with the customer. Products must comply with the laws and regulations in force in the relevant markets. Loevschall is responsible for ensuring that the products comply with common knowledge and practice for the individual product types.

2.1 Receipt for goods
If the customer has a valid reason for rejecting goods, this must be done and put forward to Loevschall within five working days from reception. By neglecting to do so, the customer loses the right to complain about a possible discrepancy. Products comply with ISO 2859 General Inspection Level II with the following AQL values:

 Critical error: 0  Major errors: 1.0 Minor errors: 4.0

A delivery is considered approved if the incoming delivery is approved according to ISO 2859.

2.2 Redemption
Defective products will either be reworked, replaced or credited if the customer contacts Loevschall immediately (within five working days) after identifying the defect.

3. Price and payment
Payment terms will be shown either in an offer or an invoice from Loevschall.

4. Delay in payment
If any invoice amount is not received by Loevschall by the due date, the balance will accrue a monthly interest rate. The rate is set by Loevschall and a balance statement can be provided for a fee.

5. Offers, orders and order confimations
Any offer from Loevschall is valid for 30 days unless otherwise stated in the offer. If the offer is accepted later than 30 days after the issue date, Loevschall is not obliged to comply with the offer. All orders are quoted at the prices valid on the day of delivery in Danish crones (DKR). Price- and delivery are subject to reservation for strike, lock out and other force majeure, which the Company can not control. Prices are excl. sales tax, incandescent charge and other public charges. The stated delievery times are at best estimate and subject to reasonable time overruns. The Company’s responsibility for loss which the Buyer may suffer as a consequence of delays or missing delievery may never exceed 10% of the order’s value. The delievery is considered sold from our ware house in Randers.

5.1 Orders
All orders must include: Order number, Item number, Product description, Quantity, Delievery date, Price, Delivery address and Delivery terms.

6. Delivery
All products sold are delivered by Loevschall according to the delivery terms.

6.1 Delivery date:
Loevschall delivers the products on the due date. Loevschall may deliver before the delivery date, unless otherwise agreed.

7. Delayed delivery:
Loevschall will inform the customer if the delivery date cannot be held. Loevschall will inform the customer about the reason for the delay and provide a new delivery date.

8. Returns
Loevschall will not accept returned goods except by prior agreement. If products are rejected and this is accpeted by Loevschall, the products can be returned by agreement. The customer is then obliged to return the product immediately, within five working days after the claim is accepted. The customer is then obliged to return the product immediately, within five working days after the claim is accepted. Loevschall will bear the cost and risk for returning the goods if the complaint is accepted.

9. Warranty
Loevschall guarantees that the products are delivered free of significant defects in design, materials and workmanship: The warranty is valid for two years. The warranty does not cover:
• Wearing parts
• Products which have been altered or repaired, unless the work has been done by Loevschall.
• If guidelines or common practices are not followed during installation, use and maintenance.
If the customer discovers a defect within the warranty period, Loevschall must be notified of it immediately. If the customer fails to do so the warranty will not apply for that defect.

10. Responsibility
Loevschall is not liable for any indirect losses, including loss of production, sales and profits, time or goodwill.

10.1 Force majeure

Regardless of other agreements, Loevschall is not liable for failure to fulfil obligations which can be attributed to force majeure.
(force majeure is defined as conditions beyond Loevschall’s control and which Loevschall could not have foreseen when the agreement was made).

11. Quality costs
Loevschall only covers the direct costs in the event of defective products. Any complaints must be sent to Loevschall immediately (within five working days). f the customer fails to observe this time limit, the complaint will be rejected. Loevschall will not accept a monthly, six-monthly or annual statement of non-conforming products or other costs.

12. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
Governing law: Trading between the parties is in all cases subject to Danish law.
Jurisdiction: Any dispute arising in connection with trading between the parties must be settled by the Danish courts.samhandel, skal afgøres ved dansk domstol.