Remote control (Model M)

Remote control - model M (MultiWhite)

Get an extra device in your home to control the light. With the remote control you can switch the light on, off and dim it. You can also control the colour temperature from cool to warm white simply by using the remote control. This way you can easily create the right atmosphere morning, noon and night.

No batteries

The remote control runs on kinetic energy and is therefore both cordless and battery-free. Kinetic energy is kinetic energy and is therefore charged when it is used. You can leave it on the table, in the drawer or put it on the wall.

A supplement to the app

If you don’t have your phone with you, the remote control is a good solution. På den måde kan alle i boligen nemt og enkelt dæmpe og farvestyre lyset.

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Power: Kinetic energy
Size: 86x86x14 mm

Art number

Model M (MultiWhite®)