Lagan NextGen

The Lagan Next Generation lamp is a cheap and beautiful alternative to expensive designer lamps. The Lagan NextGen lamp is available in either black or chrome and has a beautiful surface-finish and no visible LEDs.
With a CRI-value above >90 this lamp shines with an exceptional good and natural light.

You can mount this lamp in 3 different ways: On the border of a mirror, above a cabinet or a mirror cabinet or direcly on the wall. Cords, skrews and dowels for the installation are included.


Power supply: 230V

Wattage, 300 mm: 4,4W

Wattage, 500 mm: 5,4W

Colour temperature: 3000K

Item numbers

Black: 3470100715 (300 mm)

Black: 3470100731 (500 mm)

Chrome: 3470100728 (300 mm)

Chrome: 3470100744 (500 mm)