LED light

Round and timesless mirror that create atmosphere and light in the room. The mirror is avalilable in three sizes Ø700, Ø800, and Ø900 mm. This mirror has integrated LED light with more than 30.000 hours of light.

Backlit mirror

The mirror has backlight and fits in a variety of different bathroom designs, where it create both atmosphere and light in the room.


At Loevschall, we deliver the good light. This means that the light reproduces the colors correctly. It is stated in an RA value and Herning has an RA value that is above 95, which is very high.


Power supply: 230V

Wattage:  26,6W/30,8W/35W

Colour temperature: 3400K

Article number

3443456315 (Ø700)
3443456328 (Ø800)
3443456331 (Ø900)