Visions and ambitions

We wish to contribute to a healthy and fair world. Therefore, we are working ambitiously towards making our company even more sustainable. However, we know that we won’t be able to save the whole planet and in order to work with feasible initiatives where we know that we can make a difference, we have chosen to work with two of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: Goal no. 8 and no. 12. With these frameworks we have clear ambitions about how to make a difference in our value chain and we are continuously working on improving ourselves.

Social responsibility is in our DNA

We want to be a socially responsible company who contributes to that the employees on the factories we are producing our products at, are treated fair and have decent working conditions. Read more about which initiatives we are using to secure this, here.

A sustainable production

We are continuously searching for opportunities to make our products even more sustainable. Du to this, we are ongoingly starting projects which provides us with the opportunity to test our new techniques and materials. Read more about some of our projects here.