Social Responsibility

Our responsibility doesn't end at the Danish border

When choosing to have a production in Kina we commit to only using factories which have acceptable working conditions for their employees. Bad working conditions in countries with a lot of production are a global issue and we are therefore continuously following-up on how the factories we are using are treating their employees. We appreciate the close dialogue we have with our manufactures and we are using different initiatives to secure that we are supporting socially acceptable working conditions.

Members of BSCI

We acknowledge that it can be difficult to make a difference alone, when trying to solve global challenges. Due to this, we are members of BSCI that are working towards improving global trade and social improvements in the supply chain. As a member of BSCI, we have actively taken a position on how our production in China must take place under orderly conditions and through sustainable and supervised partnerships.

Read more about BSCI here.

Employees in China

We have Loevschall employees in China who apart from supervising quality and production, are our opportunity to secure that standards and regulations about working conditions are being upheld at the manufactures we are using. Our Chinse employees can easy inform us, if the working conditions on the factories we are using are not being respected. By doing so, we have the opportunity to put pressure on the manufactures by deselect manufactures who does not live up to standards about decent working conditions.

continuous follow-up

A couple of times a year our quality department has the opportunity to travel to China and meet with our manufactures and suppliers. This is developing respectful and positive partnerships and give us the opportunity to check the manufactures we are working with. This ensures safety and security when we personally can visit the factories and talk with the manufactures.