MultiWhite® controller w. Wifi

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3 control opportunities:

You can either control you lights through a user-friendly app, via Google Home or Amazon Alexa or with a smart, wireless switch which can be placed exactly where you need it to be (acquisitions).

When you control your lights in the app you have several opportunities to make some clever and repeating settings for your lights. Besides controlling the colour temperature and brightness you can make automatic and scheduled settings. For an example:

– Make a schedule which takes care of turning off all your light at 7 pm when you leave to go to work.
– Let your light wake you up by automatically turning on when the sun rises.
– Set your lights to turn on and off at certain times when you are away from your home – making it look like someone is home.
– And much more


Installation is easy and does not need neither technical expertise nor help from professionals. We have created a video guide which will take you through the process. Find it here.

Remember that your lights need to be MultiWhite® LED lights from Loevschall.


The MultiWhite® controller cosists of:

1 psc. control box with 10 cm cord w/12 V plug and 10 cm cord with a distribution box w/4 exists.

Wireless technology: WiFi

Do not use dimmable drivers with your MultiWhite® controller.

Remember to use a non-dimmable driver with this MultiWhite® Controller.

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