ID-LED 12V. MultiWhite®

LED-spot with MultiWhite® . 

With MultiWhite®  LED spots you can control the colour temperature on your spots and thereby control whether there should be a warm, relaxing light or a colder, white light in your rooms.

With the MultiWhite® technology you can control the colour temperature on your spots, adjusting the Kelvin from 2100K – 6500K. Controlling the colour temperature and changing it during the day can give you a number of health benefits. Read about them here.

The ID-LED spot with MultiWhite® can be used as both a recessed light, building it into your furniture or you can surface mount it by acquiring a surface mounted bracket.

Read more about the installation possibilities here. 

You can control your new MultiWhite® ID-LED spot with a MultiWhite® Controller (acquisition). With this controller you can control your MultiWhite® light with an app on your phone, via Google or Amazon or with a wireless and battery less switch.

Do you need help finding compatible products to the ID-LED MultiWhite® spot? Design your light system here. 


Power supply: 12V

Wattage: 2,3W

Colour temperature: 2100K – 6500K

Lumen: 115 – 148lm

Certified to be used in furniture.

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Surface mounted bracket

Surface mounted bracket

Bluetooth Control

WiFi Control

Kinetic Switch MultiWhite

Kinetic Switch

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