The drawer light can be installed in the top of the drawer and automaticly turns on when the drawer is opened.


The unique design is only 6 mm heigh which makes the solution perfect for even the tiniest drawers.


Due to specially designed lenses the light is evenly distributed in the entire drawer.

Design patent

Loevschall A/S has a design patent on this product and has IP-rights.


Item number: 3470400596

Power supply: 12V(DC)

Wattage: 3,5W

Length: 200 mm

Hight: 6 mm

Cord: 1,0 m cable for sensor, 2,0 m cable from sensor to power supply

Sensor: Separately

One kit contains:

1 x Drawer Light Top

3 x Cable channel

1 x 1 m. cable

1 x 2 m. cable

1 x Sensor

Mounting guide video: