We have extended our standard assortment of mirrors and are now offering 4 new mirrors:

Verona has a beautiful black frame and is backlit and has a light-panel built-in into the top of the frame, casting the light forward and down. Verona has a warm, comfortable colour temperature and the light shines with the markets highest CRI-Value with >90.

Vejle is a simple, style-sure mirror which are backlit and has a CRI-Value on >90.

Odense is Vejle’s round partner. This mirror is also backlit.

Lago can easily become your new standard-mirror! The mirror has two thin light-panels which gives it the modern and simplistic look many homes are asking for.

xperience our well-known ID-LED spot – But without lenses!
Eventhough we have removed the lenses, this ID-LED is completely as you know it! Here, you get lots of light and the same installation dimensions as the traditional ID-LED. With the Soft ID-LED, the light beam from the lenses are gone and the light is therefore distributed onto a wider area.

We present the Lagan Next Generation mirror lamp. A sequel to our well-known Lagan Lamp. You can mount this lamp 3 different ways! Mount it on the edge of a mirror, on the wall or on top of a cabinet. All the fittings you need for either of the 3 installation methods are included when you buy this lamp!


Experience this new 12V, 15W non-dimmable driver with 6 outputs. 

The driver is flicker-free and IP20 approved.