“The way we feel design is completely physical. The surface, shapes, the material's character… when all of these sensations merge, we get the experience of a design.”

Hans Thyge & Co
Drawing- and design


Noir-By-Loevschall consists of five unique products.

The lamps are made in collaboration with Design studio Hans Thyge & Co, and is made in a functional, nordic design with a comfortable and soft LED-light.

In these lamps we are combining good design with good light.

All lamps have built-in light which complies with Loevschall’s high standards. They are dimmable and colourfast, in order for you to control the mood in your home.

Noir, wall light

Noir, Ø85 mm

Noir, Ø132 mm

Noir, Ø300 mm

Noir, Ø440 mm