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Loevschall A/S

Quality lighting

With more than 30 years of experience with integrated light, we have developed lighting solutions in the market’s best quality. We do not only sell lamps, we sell lamps with an exceptional good light.

Timely delievery

At Loevschall lighting quality is not the only thing that we are good at. It is hugely important for us, that our customers get their products in the right amount, on the right place, at the right time and to the right price.


We have the technical competencies that it takes to create the exact product that our customer needs. By having a close contact all the way from idea to product, we are ensuring a usefull and excellent result.

Vi sælger kun til erhvervskunder, hvis du som privatkunde ønsker at købe vores produkter så se mere her.

Loevschall A/S

Your supplier of the good light

Loevschall A/S develops and produces the market’s best, integrated LED-light for the kitchen and bathroom industry. We carefully design our light to make the customer’s products appear as they originally were thought and designed. More than 30 years of experience in light and product design, has given us the competencies to develop light in an excellent quality and our light has the highest CRI-value on the market. We are developing both customized products and standard products.

We are experts in co-creation and develops specific lighting solution in close collaboration with our customer – right from the initial drawings to the release of the final product. By careful product management and with exceptional technical competencies, we ensure that you get the ideal solution no matter if the product is a LED mirror, a pendant, a spot, or other lighting products.

Contact us and learn more about what we can offer your company. We will be glad to give you a thorough guidance in price, amounts and time horizon.

Our mission

We want our light to make the customer’s products appear as they were originally thought and designed. More than 30 years of experience with light and product design has provided us with the competencies to develop unique solutions together with our customers. Due to this, we are experts in co-creation and we are collaborating with the customer early in the process in order to develop integrated light in an exceptional technical quality. This is what we call The Good Light.

Drawer Light

NEW As the first on the market we have redefined the way the market makes drawer light. Our solution is small and compact and contains special lenses which makes sure that the light is spread out evenly inside the drawer.


With MultiWhite® you have several options to control the colour temperature on your light. This provides you with a variety of possibilities to enhance both your home and you health.


One of the things we are really good at is co-creation. We are experts in developing products in close collaboration with our customers and by doing so, we ensure that the final product exceeds the customers expectations.

Noir By Loevschall

Noir By Loevschall is our pendant serie. It consists of pendants and a wall light. In this series we combine our good light with good design and the result speaks for itself!

About Light

Light – and especially good light, is important for our well-being, our work environment and our health. Due to this, we want to tell a little about what you should pay attention to, when shopping for lights.


Besides making really good spots, we are also really good at producing mirrors. Here, the importance is that what you look like in the mirror is the same as when you are out in the sun.

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