What the CRI-value means for your products

The CRI-value illustrates how good your light is to replicate colours and as a consequence, how the surroundings illuminated by the light will appear. The natural light from the sun has a CRI-value on a 100, which means that outside in the sunlight, all colours are natural, bright and pleasing to the eye.

A light with a low CRI-value will on the other hand show your surroundings in a dull, grey-ish and boring way, since the colours are not replicated sufficiently.

The CRI-value should not be confused with the amount of light in the room (lumen) or the intensity of the light on an area (lux). This value is exclusively about which colours the light allows you to see.

The Good Light

Imagine that you are standing in your kitchen and cooking below a lamp with a low CRI-value. The meat you are preparing will under this light appear to be less red and your vegetables will get a weird, sad and unappetizing look. In your bathroom, in front of the mirror, your skin tones, your hair and your eyes will look unappealing without any spark and your natural colours and beauty will not be replicated sufficiently.

If you are selling products and show casing them below a light with a low CRI-value the colours and design that your architect or designer used hours to carefully create, will not be rendered correctly and the product will not live up to its full potential.

However, a product which are displayed below a light with a CRI-value on more than 90 will look exciting and natural. Studies show that the lights ability to enlighten the colours correctly on the surfaces that it shines upon has a major influence on the buyer’s attention and willingness to buy. Besides, research also shows how a good light with a high CRI-value can increase both your mood and your well-being.

In conclusion: A good light can render the colours in its surroundings precisely and the surfaces which it shines upon will seem beautiful and detailed – just like they were designed to!

Find the good light at Loevschall

Next time when you are shopping for light, our recommendation is, that you should pay attention to the light’s CRI-value. At Loevschall A/S we are only producing and selling LED lights with the highest quality possible and nearly all our products have a CRI-value of minimum 90. You can even find a wide variety of LED lights with a CRI-value on 95 or more.